Digital safety in student blogging (for #OOE13)

I’m participating in a course calledOpen Online Experience 2013″ (which actually goes until May 2014!), which is a professional development course for educators, focused on educational technology. This month we are focusing on digital literacy and digital citizenship, and earlier this week we had a Twitter chat about these topics that really got me thinking about my role in helping students think carefully about what and how they put online when I’m asking them to do blog posts and comments.

Because I’m so busy with so many things at the moment, all I could manage to do was make an audio recording of my thoughts (much faster than writing them out). I did it while driving, taking a cue from Scottlo at ds106 radio, who often does live broadcasts and recordings while driving to work.

I put my phone in my cup holder, shielded a bit so it wouldn’t move too much (a suggestion by Scottlo), and used the built-in mic to record the sound. It’s actually not too bad, considering. I had tried earlier with the microphone attached to my headphones, and the sound was much worse–the car noise really drowned out my voice. In this one, the main problem is the clicks and bonks you can hear from me switching gears, since the phone was right next to the gear box. But still, it’s not too bad.

It’s about seven minutes long, so it shouldn’t take too much time to listen to!

If you just click the link below, it should play…let me know if it doesn’t work.

digital literacy in philosophy blog posts


  1. Christina,

    Thanks that was a great reflection. I’m glad to hear you are making some changes in your practice. It is a great idea to ask around to see what is out there and then adapt. I’m sure there are some standard practices in some schools that we just haven’t thought about yet.

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