Informal, anonymous survey on open education

I’m doing a workshop on open education at UBC in June, and another at the American Association of Philosophy Teacher’s conference in July.

Here’s a teaching kit for the UBC workshop I made with Mozilla Thimble by remixing another teaching kit.

I know a fair bit about why I think being more open in teaching and learning is a good thing, but I’d like to hear from others what they think (positive and negative) to help me plan the workshops. I’d also like to use the anonymous responses to this survey in the workshops themselves, in case there are things there that we don’t come up with ourselves in discussion!

No matter your views on open education, I’d like to hear them! Here’s the survey (on Google Forms, but you don’t need a Google Account to fill it out). All that I can see of the responses is the day/time and what was said, nothing more (no IP addresses even). So from my end, it’s quite anonymous, though I can’t say exactly what Google collects when you fill out these types of forms (at least probably info on your browser, where you got to the survey from, and the like, but a thorough review of the terms of service and privacy policy from Google didn’t answer this question for me with any specifics).

If you’d be happy to participate but would rather just send the info to me personally (and I promise not to reveal any identifying information if you do!), you can send me an email: