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by Jing Liu ~ June 1st, 2006. Filed under: Children's Literature.

Children’s books are available in an increasing variety of formats. There are not only fabric books, vinyl books, audio books, board books and hide-and-seek books, which I had introduced in previous columns; there are also e-books for children. The type of e-book I am referring to does not need special attachments to browse on the Internet. Its advantage is that it can be used anytime and can interact with other media. It allows the e-generation children to experience interest in learning. For immigrant parents like me, accompanying children in reading (listening or playing) the e-book can help improve my English.Anyone interested can go to Richmond Public Library’s web site to find out more information. This Library is the first and the model for using technology in readers’ services. This time, they are the first to order Tumble Books 60 e-books. Their contents include stories, folktales, living, learning, games, etc. Please go into the Library’s community site; next click Kids and then Tumble Books Library.

Electronic Storybooks:
Caillou Series – The Caillou series has quite a reputation in children’s storybooks. They let children learn all kinds of knowledge and self conduct through games and play. In addition to picture books, toys, television shows, they now have e-books, e.g. Caillou & Gilbert; and Caillou Tidies His Toys. The only difference between e-books and television shows is that e-books has words. The words change colour once they have been read.

Bad for Them, Good for Me – This is an incredibly funny e-book story. It allows children to learn opposites from household affairs. It is read by children in their childish expressions and tones of voice. Once the little readers are familiar with the concept of opposites, they can play a game of opposites with the book.

Electronic Folktales:
Jack and the Beanstalk – Mother sent Jack to market to sell their dairy cow, but on the way, Jack sold it to a strange old man for some colourful magic beans. When he got home, mother became extremely angry and threw the beans out the window. When Jack raced out, he heard a soft voice say:
“Bury us.” Soon afterwards, there was a little shoot, and the shoot grew into a little tree. It grew and grew. It grew higher than the roof of the house and into the clouds. It eventually became a giant tree. Jack climbed to the top and saw a world that he had never seen before and people that he had never met before. Something unexpected happened….

Easy to Read E-Book:
My Tooth is About to Fall Out – Every child will experience loosing his/her teeth at one time or another. This E-Book uses easy exercises and rhyming words to make this experience interesting and funny. After the reader finishes reading the story, they can learn how to pronounce the vocabulary and play several games.

Learn-about-Life Books:
The purpose of this type of e-books is to give children knowledge about life, e.g. community services, sharing, Internet safety, etc. These are some of the books: Helping Out is Cool; Light in the Darkness; and Little Red in Cyber Space.

Games Book:
The main purpose is to teach children the difference between colours and improve their memory, language and math skills. The games include puzzles, hockey and balloons. The colours and sound are compatible with each other. Children have so much fun with this book that they will not want to let it go.

Have fun, little one!

Originally published in Global Chinese Press, translated by Wendy Jiang

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