Opportunity vs Good Fortune

by Jing Liu ~ November 6th, 2006. Filed under: Professional Development.

People often talk about how fortunate someone is in finding a job.Today I remembered something I copied in my Quotations notebook while studying literature at the University in China. The rough translation is: Those who are fortunate are those who can snatch the opportunity up as it flows by you.

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  1.   Jing

    I completely agree. I think we should use this weblog to write more about our ideas as they flow by us. Hope I will get some interesting questions from SLAIS tomorrow, and then write about my thoughts. Feel guility not keeping the blog up-to-date. But starting from January 2007…

  2.   Mindy

    Linda’s words reminded me of something that I once read about job searching. It sort of goes like this:
    Many people wait for something to happen or someone to take care of them. But people who ends up with good jobs are the proactive ones; who are solutions to problems, not problems themselves; who seize the initiative to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.
    Though I believe there is such a thing as ‘luck’ in the world, yet just as the Roman philosopher Seneca said :” Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

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