CLA and IFLA Coming to Vancouver in 2008

by Jing Liu ~ August 7th, 2007. Filed under: Professional Development.

CLA 2008 Conference will be held in Vancouver in late May. Our city will also host an IFLA satellite meeting in August on Multicultural Library Stories. Ping, Jan, Ian and many of us can get involved. Shall we plan an outing to discuss about them?

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  1.   Allan Cho

    Hi everyone,

    At SLAIS, some students and I have started a group called the “SLAIS Multicultural Committee” which includes the likes of Dr. Henry Yu of the History dept and some SLAIS faculty.

    There’s a wiki on our progress: (password: slais)

    This would be a good opportunity for you to build new opportunities with SLAIS, UBC Library, and the community. Dr. Yu’s INSTRCC (Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies) is looking for new opportunities to expand. Perhaps finding a common link should be considered? Just a thought…

  2.   Jing

    We have to cancel this weekend’s outing for many are away or working. Let’s find another time.

    Thanks Allan. Please feel free to post your Committee’s activities. I will try my best to attend.

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