Zhou Yuan and Jim Cheng

by Jing Liu ~ July 22nd, 2008. Filed under: Summer Institute for Chinese Studies Librariship.

Zhou noticed the change on the other side of the Pacific. Great financial and technical improvement occurred in Chinese libraries, and they have made commitment to cooperate with us. Besides keeping up with the commercial e-resources, working with our counterparts in China will bring us more opportunities and make us stronger. He encouraged us to meet the demands from the emerging users, instead of holding onto the traditional collection development policy.

Jim’ session had a very fast pace and covered a lot of aspects around Google Books. Microsoft and OCA don’t have CJK books yet? OCA just started actually. Harvard has done their books (pre-1909) with Google, what about classics or rare? guess not. UCSD fed Google with their contemporary collection. This should be taken into account for our acquisition. It’s fascinating to see the MPI in their OPAC. ArtStore seems more useful than Prof. Chen’s Global Memeory to us. Browsed Jim’s film bibliography book within Google Book, too bad, not really full-text.

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