Summer Institute Day 3

by Jing Liu ~ July 23rd, 2008. Filed under: Summer Institute for Chinese Studies Librariship.

肖珑接着讲评估。 Xiao continued her talk on assessment. She mentioned CNKI’s embargo issue, which cleared my mind about Dushu, whose 2008 issues are already in, but not the late 2007 ones. She used 中国图书馆学报 as a sample, which has already completely stopped with CNKI?! We have no clue. It’s really annoying for CNKI’s lack of transparency! It’s good to get Xiao’s opinion on some economic e-resources, but the comprehensive assessment fits in Beida better than UBC, for we have limited resources in Chinese. I’m looking forward to her session on service with digital resources.

李华维先生鼓励我们设定更高的目标,成为各校的知识管理权威,难呀!他的全部内容都是围绕着管理。我们在各校的职位虽然不一定权威,但是在当今日趋扁平的组织结构中,我们每个人都要管理一些项目,只是涉及到的人员多少的问题。我不认为自己有能力激励他人,但是 an excellent librarian!陈兄又没能按时下课,明天晚上又加了一堂。Copyright has been a tricky and sensitive issue to us, and lots of questions that may deserve an evening session. How do we know what we buy have copyright problems? CPL has pulled out all their Chinese DVDs.

Shi Chao’s PPT and the clips were snazzy. I could tell most of people didn’t really get what Duxiu is for without the hands-on, and how powerful it is. I am thinking to get Duxiu without Chinamaxx.

Dr. Fidel was already waiting by the entrance of Suzzallo, and we were busy talking and catching up with each other on the way to the Village. She insisted to treat me for we are in her place. I had the best food since I arrived in Seattle and the best talk. I would love to become elegant and understanding as Raya when I am getting old.

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