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Peking U, Superstar & CNPITC

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Wake-up call worked loudly at 6 am on October 16th. It’s a bright and warm day. Our visit started in the new building of Peking U Library. 肖珑老师的笑腼仿佛窗外的徐徐微风。她提纲挈领地介绍了全馆的发展历程,并带领我们来到古籍阅览室。乃文先生的京腔和对古籍善本的激情感染了我们。伴随着他的介绍是一阵阵的惊叹!程家的戏谱又为北大增添一宝,但愿我们的教授也能受益。 I am suprised that they have the money to continue to purchase rare materials and they have the space to keep all the card catalogues. What I […]

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