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Like turning a real page

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Digital content development of the NLC is impressive. I finally found time today to go through the ppt notes and tested the Rubbings and MinGuo Collections, which are still growing.

Brand New NLC and World Digital Library Agreement

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

We met Dir. Zhan Furui at the National Library of China on October 21 in its new building, followed by a series of PPT presentations on digital libraries and overseas Chinese study projects. I am glad to learn that Mr. Zhan just signed the World Digital Library agreement at LC.

October 20, TTOD & CAS

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Monday morning, we were greeted by Mr. Ke and Mr. An at the main entrance of Tsing Hua U. Ms. Zhou Mengzhi, who is in charge of the legal department, presented the organizational chart of TTOD, the digital publishing platform of CNKI and its overseas market share. Among all types of institutional users, over 2,000 […]


Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

  星期六晚上与杨爱东久别重逢,她一定让我见识一下当今北京人的周末晚宴,害得我翘了人大的宴请,打车奔往东城大董烤鸭。果然名不虚传,前厅里到处都是等位子的老外,人手一杯鸡尾酒。每一道菜都像一幅画,但我们有太多的话题,好像美食对我没有太多的魅力。几位老同学都不见老,话语幽默,情绪饱满。半夜爱东开车送我回家,这是回国后第一次回家,放下行李,赶紧打车回海淀,因为第二天又是行程满满。 October 19th, Sunday, CIBTC arranged the visit of the Bird Nest, the only sightseeing during the two weeks. An elementary school was having its sport festival. While we were walking inside of the Nest, I’ve got a phone call from 张超,她正在鸟巢开运动会,多巧呀,还那末牛!在她的带领下我们去小崔俯瞰鸟巢的新家指手画脚一番,午饭又吃得简单而精彩。姐妹4个得意忘形把个小餐馆感染得只听得到我们的声音。打工的小妹小弟们都上来问我们为何这末高兴。 珍本的老板刘军一席讲演,让我中午的激情继续燃烧,也让我从中了解到中国书商的运作规则和困难。这家民营企业与大三家有着太多的不同。 光天把珍本安排进来大家都无怨言反倒受益匪浅。 晚饭后临时上门的中央文献研究室的领导面对的已经是精疲力竭的我们。他们勇于面对国外学者主动寻求合作的态度让我感动。与人大图书馆形成鲜明的对照。 The unscheduled meeting with Ms. Zhang Peng and Zheng […]

Renmin University Forum

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Saturday, October 18th. We walked through campus in the morning breeze to visit the library and the Information Centre for Social Sciences. We have been subscribing to its series that offer value added resources and waiting for its online version. But comparing with other digital content providers, the Centre came to the late start, faces […]


Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

China Film Archive, Apabi and CIBTC

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Our delegation boarded the bus on time for October 17th visits. The Film Archive has just started various projects as the world has growing interest in Chinese films. The National Film Archive Database is one of them. I enjoyed the tour of the compact stack and the digital processing lab. I asked for a list […]

Everson's Talk and Chinese Writers' Visit

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Prof. Michael E. Everson from U. of Iowa talked on issues in Chinese literacy learning. As Prof. Duff introduced, we don’t have any scholars in Canada like him, who has studied that deep on the issues. Besides the K-16 Chinese language teaching in the US, teaching and research programs in American universities are way ahead […]

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