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by Jing Liu ~ February 27th, 2012. Filed under: Events, Experience, Libraries in China, Life.

Just finished the conference paper, and found time to come back here. Several events related to international students in the past weeks. Minister Wong visited us last week and mentioned: “49 high schools in China using the Canadian high school curriculum, some of those graduates may come to UBC”.

Winnie brought a group of 15 students from the IGSPP program. On top of a regular orientation of the library collection and services, I was asked to help with their “soul searching about what they really want to do in terms of their academic and career planning. ” My personal experience as an international student and a foreign worker seemed to attract their attention and reduced our distance.

I am glad that many people on this campus are willing to help these kids far from home. Winnie, Lee Ann, Alden, etc. I was invited again to the networking session of Launch a Career in Canada. Enjoyed the chat with students from all over the world. Glad to see Charles whom I usually only get to see during new school year orientation. He suggested we work out more programs together.

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  1.   Lingbo

    Very interesting conference, and in Vancouver!

  2.   IZ


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