Emigration Statistics

by Jing Liu ~ March 7th, 2012. Filed under: Libraries in China, Reference Questions.

Unlike the common question on Chinese immigrants, I was helping a Ph.D candidate to track down emigration statistics from the People’s Republic of China from 1949 to 1989 and to date. A new government sponsored research report Conducted by Xiamen U happens to be released, but only on 1970 to 2008: “从上世纪70年代到2007-2008年间,从中国前往世界各地的移民超过1000万人。其中,来自港澳台地区的约160-170万,来自中国大陆约800多万。前往发达国家的中国新移民近700万,前往发展中国家的有300多万。 “Another study estimates that a total of 45 million Chinese have emigrated in the last 30 years. It’s an estimate probably because it’s more difficult for the government to track emigrants than immigrants.

It’s funny that both studies are sponsored by the same government agency (qiaoban). The new study conducted by Xiamen U. is probably more accurate. I met Dr. Zhang at last fall’s conference in Xiamen, and she is coming to WCILCOS this May. I can learn more details of the survey from her in person. Interesting topic. I imagine the number of emigrants prior to the open door policy is probably very tiny (not to count the millions who went to Taiwan in 1948 and 1949).

This reminds me an earlier reference request on China’s emigration policy in 1956. Quite some people were allowed to leave the country unexpectively then.

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