The inaugural 2017 Ideathon Challenge focused on two distinct sites along the Arbutus Greenway. The overarching goal was to generate innovative ideas for the transformation of these sites into engaging “destination nodes” that strengthen sense of place and support social interactions.


Site A: Quilchena Park (W 33rd Ave & Pine Crescent)

How can the site help to promote neighbourliness and spark renewed public interest in Quilchena Park as an urban green asset for residents and users of the Arbutus Greenway?

Site B: Kerrisdale Junction (W 41st Ave & West/East Boulevard)

How can the site leverage on existing street activities to serve as an attractive, vibrant, and safe public gathering space along this car-centric segment of the Arbutus Greenway?


Idea proposals were required to:

    • Frame the project within a timespan of one year.
    • Consider temporary interventions which could be structural and/or programmatic.
    • Consider the roles that technology might play, if any.
    • Consider the feasibility of implementation in terms of time, resources, and stakeholders’ needs/concerns.


Upon successful completion of the Ideathon Challenge, students could expect to:

    • Gain practical experience in a real-world project by participating actively and constructively in the process of city-making.
    • Transfer insights gleaned from the classroom as well as through research and fieldwork.
    • Develop work skills to collaborate in an interdisciplinary team.
    • Innovate through the creative process of ideation and problem-solving.
    • Acquire effective communication skills (visual, oral, written).


Student teams were required to deliver the following:

    • Presentation Pitch
    • Slide Deck
    • Project Report
    • Exhibition Poster (HUBBUB teams)


The project theme and scope of the 2017 Ideathon Challenge was made possible through a collaboration with CityStudio Vancouver and the two project sites were thoughtfully deliberated with the Arbutus Greenway Team at City of Vancouver.

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