Through a conversation with my school advisor, I have learned about the advantages and struggles of the new curriculum. I learned that experienced teachers have similar concerns about the new curriculum as myself. The openness of the curriculum, and broadness, is extremely overwhelming. However, a positive to this the ability to be creative and to interpret different aspects of the curriculum different ways. The amount of subjects that have been added ca originally look time consuming, can also be executed in a cross curricular way, where two curriculum items get done at the same time. Although this is a year of transition, teachers must adapt to the new curriculum. As a benefit to new teachers, we do not have experience with anything else.  At my practicum school, we use FreshGrade to communicate student learning. This is a way that the teacher, parent, and student, be informed and engaged in the students learning. My school advisor mentioned that when making comments in Fresh Grade, she tends to use language that parents are already familiar with, rather than using specific language from the new curriculum. With students at a Grade 7 level, the parents have already developed an understanding for the way student learning is communicated, and adding new language can be complicated. 

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  1. Isabeau Iqbal says:

    Hello Emma,
    Yes–isn’t it interesting that new and experienced teachers share similar concerns? As I noted in other posts, this is an opportunity for co-mentoring.
    I enjoyed reading how you use FreshGrade in your (school’s) teaching. This sounds like an excellent use of this technology and may be something you end up adopting (?). The language piece is important–I found it interesting to learn about school advisor’s approach (sounds wise) re: choice of words. The ‘wrong’ words can be alienating.
    Thanks again.

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