Memorandum for Formal report progress



To: Dr. Erika Patterson, ENGL 301 Instructor

From: Eric Chang, ENGL 301 student

Date: November 16, 2019 

Subject: Formal Progress report 


Intended Audience: 

The intended audience of  this report is for Brandon Kato the supervisor of the Richmond Aquatics special needs program as well as the other aquatic staff members that work with Brandon on the curriculum of the program. Brandon is in charge of both creating the curriculum as well as the hiring of all staff members for the program so all changes must be approved by him. 


Purpose of the report:

The purpose of this report is to address the shortage of staff members for the program and to come up with solutions to solve this problem.


Significance of report:

It is extremely difficult for children with special needs to attend regular swim classes as many special needs children require more care than their instructor can provide in a group class setting. The Richmond Aquatics special needs program is supposed to address this issue by providing special needs children with private lessons where instructors are able to teach special needs children in a one on one setting. Unfortunately a lack of instructors that are either staff members or volunteers has heavily hindered the program as instructors or often forced to take on two or more students which defeats the purpose of this program.


Research Plan: 

  • Record the number of students that attend over the span of a month
  • Record the number of volunteer instructors that attend the program over the span of a month 
  • Give out surveys to the students that attend the special needs program 
  • Interview all staff and volunteer members of the special needs program as well as the parents of the students that attend the program
  • Find solutions on how to fix the staff shortage issue of the program
  • Compile all the data derived from both the interviews and the surveys 


Writing schedule: 

  • November 8 – Formal report outline 
  • November 16 – Progress report, interview questions and survey
  • November 23 – Begin interviewing members of the Richmond Aquatics special needs members as well as give out surveys to participants
  • November 24 – Analyze the data collected as well as literature reviews 
  • December 4 – Formal report draft
  • December 10 – Peer review of formal report 
  • December 19 – Final report due


With your approval on the interview questions as well as the survey I will start collecting data for my formal report.






One comment on “Memorandum for Formal report progress
  1. erikapaterson says:

    Hello Eric,
    Thank you for posting this progress report, please review the Instructor’s Blog and create a proper Introduction for this survey. Re: Ethical Introductions. Eric, the Instructor’s Blog is posted as a reading for each assignment, please do check that blog before posting. The survey questions need to provide a range of possible answers for the respondents. Alert me with an email when you have corrected the survey, thank you. Erika

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