Progress Report for Increasing Data Collection Accuracy at Fairview Behaviour Consulting Inc.


To: Dr. Erika Paterson, ENGL 301 Professor

From: Cheryl Chao, ENGL 301 Student, CC

Date: November 25, 2019

Subject: Progress Report for Increasing Data Collection Accuracy at Fairview Behaviour Consulting Inc.  


Intended Audience:

This report is intended to Ms.Jackie Pun. She is a board certified behaviour analyst (BCBA) as well the directing behaviour consultant (BC) of Fairview Behaviour Consulting Inc.. She is responsible for reviewing data collected and make decisions on updating programs for clients based on progress shown from the data. 

Purpose of report:

This purpose of this report is to improve data collection accuracy by proposing solutions that could align the behaviour interventionists’ methods of running programs and to increase communication. By increasing data collection accuracy, jugements in altering or improving programs for clients would better reflect the real progress and suit the clients’ needs. 

Significance of report:

Special needs support are in demand and behaviour counselling are more common. With the large growth in children needing support, it is important to maximize the support given to children and to design programs that best fit their needs and their progress. By improving data collection accuracy, the programs designed and updated by Ms. Pun would better suit the client’s progress. This would allow clients to receive more efficient sessions that would help them acquire accepted behaviours and better engage with the school environment. 

Research Plan:

  • Understand what are the type of current data collection sheets
  • Review past 6 months of data sheets of the 3 clients that I work with
  • Identify the top 3 programs where there is the highest number of inconsistent data collection (extreme numbers or percentages)  
  • Conduct a survey on behaviour interventionists that are currently working with one of the three clients 
  • Survey clients’ parents for view on proposed solutions
  • Interview with Ms. Pun for view on impacts of inaccurate data collection and proposed solutions
  • Compile data to identify the best possible solution 

Writing Schedule:

  • November 8 – Formal report outline
  • November 12 – Create survey and interview questions
  • November 13 – Schedule interview with Ms. Pun before November 29
  • November 16 – Progress report due; Collect data from clients that I work with 
  • November 24 – Finish data analysis on client data
  • November 26 – Begin surveying staff  
  • December 1   – Finish survey and interview
  • December 1   – Begin analyzing of data collected. Work on report
  • December 4 –   First draft of report due
  • December 10 – Edit peer reviewed report 
  • December 19 – Final report due


Link to survey for parents:

Link to survey questions for behaviour interventionists:

Interview questions for Ms. Pun: ENGL 301_Cheryl Chao_Interview Questions


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