Memorandum- Progress report by Tarandeep Atwal


To: Dr. Erika Paterson, ENGL 301 Professor

From: Tarandeep Atwal, ENGL 301 Student

Date: November 16, 2019

Subject: Progress report- Minimizing caries risk in adolescent clients at Springdale Dental

I am writing to update you on the progress of my formal report about minimizing caries risk in adolescent clients at Springdale Family Dental.  I have provided details below about the audience of the report, significance and purpose of the report, research plan and the writing schedule.  I have also attached the pdf links to survey questionnaire as well as interview questions.

Audience of the Report

The audience of my report are:

  • Harpaul Anand, the dentist, owner of the Springdale Family Dental and the authorized decision maker in implementing new interventions.
  • Haseera Mohammed, Alka Nayyar and Gurbaksh Shokar, the registered dental hygienists.  They are directly involved in providing preventive care to the clients.

Purpose of the Report

The purpose of the report is to identify the causative factors for the increasing incidence of caries and to implement the needful preventive treatment interventions.  The causative factors can then be addressed to overall decrease the caries incidence among adolescents.

Significance of the Report

This report will put forth the recommendations that will benefit the adolescent clients of the practice/office.  This will generate a positive environment for the clients as well as the dental team.  Consequently, the primary focus of the dental team for disease prevention will remain achievable.

Research Plan

  • Identify the caries problem in adolescent clients and offer suggestions for solution.
  • Investigate the causative factors and preventive treatment interventions.
  • Compose survey questions for clients and collect primary data from survey.
  • Compose interview questions for the dentist and the dental hygienists, and conduct interviews.
  • Analyze the results with the help of data gathered from survey and interviews.
  • Analyze theories about preventive treatment interventions with the help of secondary data from research articles, online journals.

 Writing Schedule

  • November 8: Formal report outline submission
  • November 9-12: Creating survey and interview questions considering ethics
  • November 16: Submission of progress report on formal proposal report
  • November 18-24: Conducting interviews and surveys to gather primary data for the report
  • December 4: Formal report draft submission
  • December 10: Peer review of formal report draft and revision of my report based on peer’s suggestions
  • December 19: Final report submission


Upon your approval of survey questions, I will promptly begin my data collection through survey and interviews, followed by formal report draft.


Survey Questionnaire

Interview questions for the dental hygienists at Springdale Dental

Interview Questions for Dr. Harpaul Anand




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  1. erikapaterson says:

    Hello Tarandeep,

    Thank you for posting this Progress Report – this looks good to go; your surveys are correct and ready to release. I look forward to learning more, enjoy. Erika

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