Peer Review of Amy’s Writing with YOU Attitude Memo

To: Amy Yung, Peanut Team Teammate

From: Lisa Liang, Peanut Team Writer

Date: November 24, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Best Practices for Emailing Professors Memorandum

Hi Amy, I have reviewed your memo regarding best practices on emailing professors. I have made some detailed comments below:

First Impression: The memo is very concise and captures important aspects of writing emails. 

Introduction: The introduction expresses the purpose of this memo clearly However, I would avoid the abbreviation of “Here’s” as this is a professional writing piece. 

Tips for writing emails to a professor: The suggestions made were useful and relevant to writing a professional email. This memo did not use pronouns such as “you” or “I” therefore the memo was able to keep a professional tone. Each of the suggestions also used “-ing” verbs and no imperative verbs were used. There were a few grammar mistakes

Grammar, Punctuation, Writing Style: This memo contained a few grammar errors in the suggestions section. 

  • Add “the” after “Addressing” 
  • Add “the” after “Ending”
  • Add “the” after “Ensuring a respectful and formal tone throughout”
  • Change “Keeping email concise” to “keeping emails concise” 
  • Change “…and picnic in the summer, and I also” to “…and picnic in the summer. I also play…”

Concluding Comments: Overall this memo was great. This memo captured essential information needed to help Evan Crisp and also exemplified writing with a “YOU Attitude”. The introduction and conclusion both reinforced the purpose of this memo and the conclusion had offered a contact method for further help if needed. However, proofreading the suggestions section could benefit from neglecting connection words. 

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