Peer Review of Joyce’s Memo for Writing with YOU Attitude

To: Joyce Wu

From: Usman Zahoor

Date: Nov, 24, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Memo to Evan Crisp

Hi Joyce, 

I have reviewed your memo to Evan Crisp and thought it was very well written and concise. I only have a few suggestions outlined below: 

First Impressions: The first thing that came to my attention was how easy on the eyes it was. It was very well organized and formatted. I also appreciated how you bolded certain sections of your recommendations. 

Introduction: Very well done. You avoided using pronouns in an accusatory manner and kept it concise. I might have made this section slightly longer and maybe elaborated on why professional email correspondence is a necessity.

Best Practices for Writing Emails: I thought you explained each suggestion very well. I also thought you were able to capture the essence of Evan’s shortcomings in those six bullet points. I might have broken down some of the bullet points into subsections, such as the second point. It might have made that specific suggestion a bit more easy on the eyes. 

Grammar/Typos: I had to comb through your memo with a fine tooth comb to find anything to comment on. My only comment is to maybe add a “:” to the second sentence of your second suggestion. So it would look like this, “some common information professors look for when they receive email requests from students are: student name, student number, course number, section number and type of request”.

Conclusion: It was concise, to the point, and professional. 

This was very well done and it took a lot of time for me to actually find any issues. I hope you found these suggestions helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach me at

Link to Joyce’s Post:

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