3.3 Peer Review of Ranjit Dhaliwal’s Report Draft

3.3 Peer Review

To: Ranjit Dhaliwal

From: Morgan Brandt

Date: December 9, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Formal Report Draft


Hello Ranjit,

Having read your draft, the report is thorough and appeals to the reader’s interests. The main features addressed below revolve around formatting and organization.


  • Most informative sections:
    • Page 3, Highest and Best Use definition
    • Page 5, ‘Verification of Third-Party Information’
    • Page 11, ‘Other Land use Controls’
    • Page 13, ‘Trends and Policies,’ paragraph 1
    • Page 14, ‘Theory and Principle of Highest and Best Use’
  • Highest and Best Use analysis portion covers the subject effectively defines an affordable solution through primary and secondary sources.
  • Progression of Information:
    • Introductory section ‘Definition of the Problem’ needs further details regarding the property, appears to bleed into further sections but requires a brief introduction and methods section.


  • Headings are intuitive and clear.
  • All sections are clearly connected however the conclusion headings disrupt the flow, revise headings to refer to the content below.


  • Tone is objective and critical, focuses on finding a positive solution for highest best use.
  • Areas of confusion:
    • ‘Trends and Policies’ page 13, paragraph 2 is unclear as to what the city encourages purpose-built rentals. Phrasing problem.


  • Tables are well-designed and effectively integrated into the content.
  • Page 7 has exemplary spacing and use of tables
  • Areas for improvement:
    • Page 21, ‘Secured Market Rental Housing Policy (Rental 100),’ text and figure are crowded, consider spacing the table further down from paragraph above.
  • MLA Formatting
  • Double-space document
  • Page numbers in the header, top right with the last name in front ie) Dhaliwal 1
  • Remember in-text citations for legal documents as well, even when paraphrasing
  • Follow a font style throughout the documentveral006Cvererereer

Figures and Tables

  • Well constructed and clear data representation
  • Areas for improvement:
    • Page 6. ‘Dimensions, Shape and Area’ a map of the land plot is beneficial here.
    • Page 10. ‘Design and Layout’ could use a floor plan to visualize the property in question.
    • Table of Contents
      • Add one under the ‘references’ heading. This uses the headings formatted in the document
      • Easily update headings and page numbers by updating the table.

Overall, the draft fulfills the assignment 3.3 criteria while maintaining a professional tone with the reader’s interest in mind. As progress continues, keep these suggestions in mind to create a well-executed report. Enclosed with this peer review is a marked-up copy of the draft with comments directed to the passages mentioned above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at m.brandt@ubc.alumni.ca.



Morgan Brandt

301 Ranjit Dhaliwal Peer Reviewed Mark up

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