Peer Review of Formal Report Draft

To: Joyce Wu

Fr: Adrienne Yap

Date: Dec, 10, 2019

Subject: Peer Review


Hi Joyce!

I just reviewed your formal report draft and was blown away! Not only is it well written, but it’s aesthetically pleasing too!

First impressions: The readability of this report is amazing. It’s organized so well and does not have any large chunks of text that are difficult to process. The coloured headings and subheadings make it easy to transition from section to section and the supporting graphics are so impressive. They’re information dense, but crafted in a way that’s easy to digest. 

Introduction: The “Problem Statement” section may benefit from a graphic that visually represents the issue. Clarity is not an issue, but wrapping one’s head around the two potential solutions was something a reader may struggle with for a few seconds. However, this is not major enough to warrant a firm change, simply a suggestion to consider!

Sources and Methods: Provides brief explanations for each step taken, making the report even more understandable and your thought process transparent. 

Facts and Findings: The provided graphics were outstanding. So comprehensive, visually appealing, and tied in well with the written content. The graphics really support the report. 

Conclusions and recommendations: Reiterating the problem is a good way to remind readers what the report is about. Great job including the implications for HR staff in specific, unique situations and recommending that it be addressed on a case-by-base basis. 

Appendices: Clearly organized and very easy to follow along with. 

Finishing comments: This is such an interesting topic because it pertains to UBC itself. The introduction and facts and findings sections were by far the most informative and the entire report was so organized. Everything flowed well logically too. The graphics blew me away; they were so well done!

I so enjoyed reviewing your draft and know you’re finished product will be even better! If you have any questions about this review, don’t hesitate to email me at


Joyce’s Formal Report Draft:

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