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4.3 Webfolio

Memorandum To: Writing Team Members From: Morgan Brandt Date: December 19, 2019 Subject: My Webfolio is Published   Hello Team,   I am submitting my webfolio for completion and have the link attached for your convenience. The following items you

4.3 Formal Report

Memorandum To: English 301 Writing Team “Penning Pals” From: Morgan Brandt, Writing Team Member Date: 19 December 2019 Subject: Submitting of Formal Report   Hello Taras and Ranjit,   After many late nights, the final draft of the SW Hour

4.1 Peer Review of Taras Shyp’s Application Package

4.1 Taras Shyp Application Package   To: Taras Shyp, English 301 Writing Team Member From: Morgan Brandt, English 301 Writing team Member Date: December 16, 2019 Subject: Peer Review of Application Package   Hello Taras,   Reading your application package

4.1 Morgan Brandt Application package Draft

THEATRE PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER Wilshire Ebell Theatre has an opening for a full-time Theatre Production Stage Manager for its historic Theatre in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. This position will provide management of all technical operations of the theatre,

3.3 Peer Review of Ranjit Dhaliwal’s Report Draft

3.3 Peer Review To: Ranjit Dhaliwal From: Morgan Brandt Date: December 9, 2019 Subject: Peer Review of Formal Report Draft   Hello Ranjit, Having read your draft, the report is thorough and appeals to the reader’s interests. The main features

3.2 Morgan Brandt Formal Report Draft

Memorandum To: English 301 Writing Team From: Morgan Brandt Date: Dec 8, 2019 Subject: Formal Draft In-Progress Posted Hello Team,   This is to notify you that the draft is posted and attached as a Word docx file on the

3.1 Morgan Brandt: Letters of Complaint and Adjustment

Letter of Complaint RONA 1711 Springfield Rd Kelowna, BC V1Y 5V5   Morgan Brandt Kelowna Actors Studio 100-2600 Enterprise Rd Kelowna, BC V1X 7Y5   November 26, 2019   Dear Management,   On Monday, November 25, 2019, I purchased lumber

Peer Review of Taras Shyp’s Memo to Eric Crisp

Peer Review 3.1 Memo Taras Shyp To:         Taras Shyp From:    Morgan Brandt Date:      November 24, 2019 Subject: Peer Review of Your Memo to Eric Crisp   Hello Taras,   Thank you for submitting your

MEMO: Writing with YOU Attitude

Memorandum November 22, 2019 TO:                 Evan Crisp FROM:           Morgan Brandt SUBJECT:     Writing Emails for Forced Registration   Hello Evan,   Thank you for reaching out to our English 301 class for advice regarding academic email strategies. With the appropriate discourse,

Unit 2 Reflection

Unit Two Reflection   Hello everyone, One thing that has been ingrained in my writing from this course is the format of letter writing, and the strategic use of headings. So far, I appreciate these moments to write in a


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