Peer Review of Brenda Martinez’s Formal Report 

To: Brenda Martinez

From: Usman Zahoor

Date: December, 10, 2019

Subject: Peer Review of Brenda Martinez’s Formal Report 

Hi Brenda, 

I have reviewed the draft of your formal report and was very impressed. It was very intriguing and informative. I actually had a difficult time coming up with critique and found myself having to read it over twice before thinking of anything.

The following are some brief points of guidance and consideration. 

Title Page

The title page clearly indicates all relevant details (for whom is it for, what is the subject, etc). Creating more white space by separating the sections before and after “Reduction of aerosol bacteria in clinical dental hygiene practice” would make it slightly easier on the eyes. Also, capitalizing each word within the title is typically recommended for MLA. 

Table of Contents

Excellently done. Large sections have been split clearly into subsections, indicating good organization. 


Communicates a large and quite complex amount of information in a clear manner. Introduces the issue of infection control and the solution of mouth-rinses thoroughly, setting up the reader for the rest of the proposal. Using paragraphs can be a good way to increase white space, making large sections of text easier to read. 

Data Collection

Graphics have provided an engaging overview of survey discoveries. Captions connected survey findings to the rest of the report very well. Providing the data for the amount of Listerine bottles that need to be ordered could be an interesting addition to the report. It may provide the opportunity to compare and contrast its use prior to the Germiphene presentation and after. 


Great job tying everything together succinctly! Looking forward to the recommendations section and seeing how it ties with other factors. The conclusion reiterates the problem, solution, and also makes the connection between cold/flu season and how this further exacerbates the issue of bacteria exposure. 

General Comments

Content: The most informative sections of the report were by far the introduction and conclusion. The introduction explained the issue of bacteria exposure with enough detail for anyone outside the field of dental hygiene to comprehend it, but not so in depth that there was too much jargon. The recommended solution seems very feasible and very practical. The report was also laid out very logically and is relevant to the identified reader. 

Organization: The organization is clear and effective in all sections and the headings report the content clearly. Creating more white space by paragraphs would increase readability of the report though. The different sections are clearly connected, there are no redundant sections. 

Style: The tone is objective and professional, as well as positive. It reflects the YOU attitude, without losing track of its own credible voice. No paragraphs or sections are difficult to follow. The writing is concise and informative. 

Design: The graphics really add to the report. They connect the dots between the Data Collection section and the survey findings. The labels are so helpful as they describe the findings and relate it to the rest of the report. Aside from the large chunks of text in the Introduction section, the report is very reader-friendly and visually appealing. 

I hope you found these comments helpful and look forward to reading the completed report. The issue you’re addressing is so relevant to the health-care field and deserves much more attention. If you have any questions regarding this peer review, you can reach me at


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