Virtual resources: adapting f2f active learning for distance education

Virtual resources and interactive online lab exercises

This link points to a page describing some of the resources we have developed, along with numerous links to examples, demonstrations, and tools used.

Dissemination of results will continue in the form of:

  • A poster presented at the UBC Faculty of Science Education Open House (April 11, 2016) and the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund Showcase, May 5th, 2016.
  • Documentation and materials in “Instructor and TA Guidelines” folders of each course’s Connect (i.e. Blackboard 9.x) website.
  • A future publication, tentatively titled “Adapting face to face learning activities for equally engaging and effective student experiences in distance education settings“.
  • Demonstrations and discussions with colleagues across UBC in all faculties.

Looking forward, results from this project are now contributing to developments in both f2f and DE settings with our new TLEF project “Development of cost effective strategies for teaching, learning and assessing scientific reasoning abilities in large face-to-face and distance education general science courses“.

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