Clickers 2.0 ! Upping your game with peer instruction

We’ve been using clickers in EOAS classes for over 10 years and it’s time to take it to the next level! There’s a new 2-pg EOAS-SEI “Times” edition in faculty/ teacher mail boxes. Or click here for a PDF copy:  EOS-SEITimes_10.01Clickers_2.

We in EOAS have gained plenty of experience in many settings. There is also a growing scholarly literature reporting on ways that peer instruction and clickers in class can positively benefit student success. It’s easy, but needs to be done right. For tips and strategies, check out this hand-out for simple and efficient ways to make teaching with Clickers more fun, more revealing of student thinking, and more effective at supporting learning. You’ll especially appreciate gaining better insight into how students think.

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