Jeff O’Hara is the Co-Owner and t…


Jeff O’Hara is the Co-Owner and the Co-Founder of Edmodo which is an answer to the problem of many school districts locking down sites that can be visited. It is a social networking platform that allows teachers to create classes and assign homework, have students submit homework, send out alerts and reminders about exam dates and facilitate conversation. It creates a paperless environment, too, as it allows teachers to grade online and students are able to view their grades.


Jeff O’Hara, along with Nic Borg, came up with this idea when they were both working within their school districts as systems/network administrators. O’Hara was able to see the need (and frustration) for a platform that could be accessed within the “vacuum” of school based internet where not only students but staff are denied access to certain sites. I like what O’Hara has done here with his venture: identified a need and then created an application that fits that niche.

I have used Edmodo in the classroom in both my English course and music courses. It is an extremely easy to use application to post information, create class lists, grade and communicate with students. My students enjoyed the experience, too!

As part of our school district, I was able to participate in some great professional development called LAN: Learning at Night. This was an evening from 5PM – 7PM where staff across the district were invited to come and participate in some tech oriented professional development along with the lure of food. We had the chance to Skype in Jeff as one of the session’s keynote speakers to chat a little bit about Edmodo. You can check it out here:

By the way, while I was using Edmodo, I had some questions. I emailed them and Jeff was very prompt with a reply. Great having a real person answer questions in real time!

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