Day 7 is the new Day 5… + Market Thoughts

Things have been pretty busy, here in the cloud for the last few days, so I didn’t get to do my fifth post on the right day. Here it goes now:

As for my own blogs, there is nothing really to show for moment that is either impressive or content-appropriate. I have my school site, a blog I started for my class (dormant at the moment), a blog I started for some pilot teachers in L. Arts (also dormant right now), my old personal blog (frozen in time), and my current site (a beer blog).

As for blogs I currently use or check that are education-related, here are three:
This is maintained by someone in one of our province’s three school districts. She’s not in my district, but she has a blog I think is valuable.
This is an education-related blog maintained by a local fellow. I rarely check it, but… every now and then…  may search it for something.
Related to the last link is this one, EdTechTalk. It’s a “collaborative open webcasting community”. I check it out or listen/participate every now and then, when I have time (OK, not that often).


As for market thoughts, and what can be done to improve / build on blogs, I think there are a few things, some of which I already mentioned in other posts this week:

  • somehow, reduce the time it takes to make quality posts. Some things mentioned this week were an add-on like Zemanta or a totally new service like Gleanr.
  • encourage discussion / the leaving of comments (a new add-on that rewards posters, perhaps?). Lack of interest and interaction by readers can cause a blogger to lose motivation and interest, possibly causing the end of a whole blog.
  • easy-to-use, right-from-the-start user interfaces
  • allow for more customization / creation of unique elements
  • embed tools in the blog (picture editors, video editors, etc.)
  • endless online storage space
  • suggestions / matching of bloggers / content / related sites


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