Cloud Benefits – Working from home

I base my argument for businesses to get on the cloud bandwagon from an article I read in the Globe and Mail.

The article states that there are real benefits for business and workers when people work from home. For example,

“…almost 90 per cent of people polled who work from home say it has made them more productive.”  

“….businesses find it easier to hold on to employees who work from home because those employees tend to have greater work-life balance.”

“….And the fewer employees a company has working in the office, the less office space they need to pay for.”

“Workopolis estimates the average Canadian wastes 182 hours and $3,000 a year on costs related to working away from home.”

Cloud based applications can be a real backbone to these kinds of situations. The quality collaborative possibilities in the cloud alone (like Skype, Google Docs and the new Office), and its cost effectiveness, should be appealing for both business and worker alike.

So if cloud based collaborative applications enable employees to work at home and be more productive and happy, company costs to be lower, and commuting emissions to be less…does this outweigh other cloud downsides like security?


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