Discussion #2 – iPad in education

Question: Is there a market for this technology within education?

I believe that there is a market for this technology in education, albeit quite limited. Steve Kaufman’s reasons on why the iPad will change education are all valid, but they don’t necessarily speak to the market itself, as is.

The iPad in its current incarnation would seem to have a very narrow market. As primarily a consumption device, I question the latitude that it would afford in comparison to its cost. In general, I have a difficult time imagining there are many potential buyers of the iPad for education because of the cost. This creates a restrictive market. My other concern with the market is that Apple owns it all, other than apps. The opportunity would seem to rest with rich media content providers, as opposed to what appear to be pedagogically questionable apps. Undoubtedly, the creation of rich-media content that can be ported to various formats such as IOS, Android, and WinMo 8 will offer the most promising market for the iPad and beyond. Of course Apple has the benefit of being the sole producer of iPad hardware!

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