Discussion #3- Definitely a Game Changer

Is the iPad a game changer? I definitely believe the iPad is a game changer. Please take a minute to think about the technology Apple has brought to our world, computers, phones, iPods, and now the iPad. I truly believe that this device alone has changed the way we view education and the ability to access virtually anything online at anytime. Who would have predicted this 20 years ago? That in education books and other materials would be transferred to an e-learning experience.  Apple products have already taken a major advance in the technology world and are constantly upgrading and creating new ways to improve their devices. Now I understand that Apple isn’t the only company to be thankful to, but they have definitely played a key factor in developing this new technology and opened our eyes to a completely new experience of communicating and learning through their apps and easy to use devices.

So, more specifically, is the iPad a game changer in education? Yes! I believe the iPad is only starting to dig into the educational world and will play a major role in classrooms over the next decade.  The iPad has many features that puts it ahead of many other devices and offers a variety of apps and learning tools for education. This device is also very easy to use and does not take a lot to learn how to manipulate the different programs. I believe if this device is used appropriately in the classroom, students will engage in a more technological way of learning; which will be the game changer.

The iPad not only offers large amounts of storage space (which may vary depending on what gb you purchase), but it also allows you to download music, documents, videos and choose from thousands of apps! Because of our technologically advancing world, most written text are becoming a form of e-media, which I predict that in the near future most assignments, exams, papers, readings, will all be done on some form of tablet; which may be the iPad due to the features it currently offers and the upgrades constantly being made. For teaching specifically there are a number of educational apps available for students and teachers to use and learn through.

My only concerns about this device, is the cost and the ways we implement it into the classroom. This device is expensive and is constantly being upgraded. At what point do you decide to purchase an iPad, to only find out that a newer, more technologically advance iPad is being released? In terms of the way educators implement it into the classroom plays an important role on how students will learn. Teachers need to focus on the lesson being taught and make sure students are following, otherwise students may get distracted, which will take away from their learning.

http://www.ipadinschools.com/ I found this site to be very interesting on the insights offered about iPads in schools.


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