Product Assessment

Have to echo the thoughts of those before me in that I really enjoy the product based assessment that has occurred in our MET courses versus cramming for a test that regurgitates info. It has also made me think about how I evaluate my students. I have to admit that there are a few more projects than before I started my master’s. But that’s in the English classroom.

As a music teacher and in the throes of getting ready for a major Fall Concert tomorrow evening with a Peace Ceremony on Thursday  morning (concerts back to back, I’m crazy), aren’t courses such as music and art very much product based assessment courses? The end product being the the performance of the music. Yes, I assess the kids as we are learning a piece. I think of the skills that are taught, reinforced, and as the students gain in mastery of the notes, the skills get better and the music sounds better (or so I hope).

To be continued but off to get the concert set up!




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