MET Project based assessment experiences

When I reflect on my experiences in the MET program thus far, my best memories and most intense learning experiences were, more often than not, the result of a project based learning activity. For example, I am not sure anything will quite match the experience I had creating two ten minute documentaries for ETEC 531.  It became one of those learning experiences in which I became completely focused and energized and happy.  While working on those projects, I lost any sense of time, hunger, fatigue and so forth. I experienced something very reminiscent of what Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi refers to as flow.

In the MET program, all of these projects are fully situated and realized in the public view of our cohort, or multiple cohorts.  Like public blogs, our projects are researched, discussed, designed, modified, and edited into a very tight learning artifact that was created with the audience clearly in mind.  Add to that, collaboration is almost always involved in this creation.

Posted in: Week 10: Product-Based Assessments