SWOT and E-Portfolios


Wow, I would like to congratulate the group for your excellent project. Very well done and packed with a ton of information.

I’ve used project based assessment many time in my teaching career with ultimately good results. I worked at an alternative school and we charted student analysis through e-portfolios. Now, these were informal, for the most part we took a collection of student work and either made a PowerPoint out of it, or simply placed it in an appropriate container. The students enjoyed creating the portfolio and it was very informative to see how they progressed throughout the year.

After going through this week’s presentation I am very curious to try out Mahara the next time I need to make an e-portfolio, although I do have some trepidation. I believe that it is important for students to express themselves creatively and if they are all using a set template it becomes more difficult. However, as an educator, this is far easier to facilitate and implement, and may ultimately be worth it thus giving it a high SWOT analysis. By using a set template it is easier for the teacher to provide a set goal for the students and to assist with trouble shooting, thus making it a good investment, especially for large groups.

My 2 cents,

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