Final Post: Blogging and Cloud Computing are Ways to Go

Take a moment to write your final post about which PBA future emerging market tool (product or service) you have used and which one you would like to see more of. 

 As some of the coursemates have mentioned in their posts, I would also like to see more of blogging. Blogging is the area that I’m interested in the most and I have been and am planning to use it for my teaching in the future. I’ve used a blog for my classes as well as for my own personal use. I’ve used it for ePorfolio when I was in the education program. Also, all my artifacts for the MET program have been collected and posted in the blog I created for the MET ePortfolio. 

Blogging is also a good way to communicate with my students. Though blogging etiquette (e.g. WordPress has an option for bloggers to send a notification email whenever comments are posted before they are posted in order to check for suitability/”appropriateness”) and privacy settings are the domain that many blogs still need to work on.

Moreover, I’d like to see more of cloud computing. ToonDoo, Glogster, WordPress, Prezi, Blogger, and many more cloud-based apps are used for PBA. It is ongoing process of assessment and there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to assessing studnets. Therefore, an appropriate, reasonable, and well-organized rubric needs to be developed in order to guide through the assessment.


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