Day 1 What When Where..

I haven’t done any m-learning on my cell phone because I find the device a little too small. This is with the exception of learing to develop an application for display on a cell phone but then I only used it to view the finished product.

For mobility overall I do alternate between my Iphone and Ipad. My Iphone has become my email, voice, and text machine. I rarely use voice anymore as almost everyone I know, except for older family members, seem to communicate through text or email. This is outside of work of course but I’m not on a work contract right now so voice calls are minimal.

I was really happy that the Ipad came out just when I was starting the MET program. I use my Ipad is for reading PDFs, surfing the net, social media and m-learning which includes all access to MET classes and posting interactivity.  Although I couldn’t participate in a Wimba exercise that was required for one class last year. I should also mention that I connect my Ipad to my Iphone because I was too cheap to buy the 3G model.

I also use a laptop at home but it has ceased to act as a mobile device and has become instead a replacement desktop. It’s funny but I consider the laptop too heavy because I have gotten used to the lightness of the Ipad.

If I was without my ipad for some reason then I would probably try to use my Iphone for all the things I use my IPad for. I do have installed but I’ve never used it on the phone.

– Julie

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