A4 Venture

The Venture

This is an open, online course in learning analytics; from the syllabus: “Learning and Knowledge Analytics 2011 is a conceptual and exploratory introduction to the role of analytics in learning and knowledge development. Most of the topics do not require advanced statistical methods or technical skills. Topics covered during the six-week course will introduce participants to a systemic and integrated view of analytics”.

The Need

As computers and technology allow for us to collect more and more information, there must be training and research that goes into understanding this new breadth of data.  This online course contributes to building professionals that are able to interpret and find trends in the data.

Audience and Procedure

Anyone interested in online learning, education, or learning in general.  This includes students, teachers, administrators, developers, etc.  This course is completed online through participant interaction and by using the analytics tools.

Opportunities and Challenges

Because this course is open and asynchronous, there is a huge opportunity for interaction and contribution from around the world.  One of the challenges is also due to the open nature– there is no accountability in the users that will insist on participation.

As a final comment, I found this was similar to the week on PBA in that the product in this case was the service of training to use the tool.



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