Activity 3 – Week 12 (Analysing Learning Analytics – Educators/Instructional Designers)

This experience is designed to create an analysis of the current market for Learning Analytics Ventures. Its purpose is to help you understand critical information in the analysis, design and evaluation of a social/learning analytics venture. Multiple roles are presented: students, educators, instructional designers, venture analysts, entrepreneurs, and investors.

 You may respond to one or more of the categories as desired.


This Blog is dedicated for your response as Educators/Instructional Designers.


How would learning analytics/social analytics be helpful to you?

How would you use learning analytics within your instructional design or to support your classroom/teaching practice?


These questions are prompts. You may use them or respond in any other way.

To respond, simply reply in the comments section below this post.

To respond to other roles go to:



Investors/Venture Analysts

To review or for further reading visit our Presentation.

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