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  • Tamara Wong 7:31 am on September 30, 2011
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    BrainPOP is the idea of Dr. Avraham Kadar a pediatrician and immunologist.  This venture began as a way for Dr. Kadar to explain difficult medical concepts to children and expanded to various parts of K-13 Curriculum including ESL. BrainPOP includes a variety of movies about a particular topic with interactive quizzes and activities to reinforce […]

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    • Karen Jones 10:41 am on September 30, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Tamara,
      I was wondering if you had viewed some of the BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr videos, as there are a number that they offer for free viewing. They are most definitely targeted at K to 10 classes, and serve as useful introductions and reviews for a wide variety of topics, from science to English. We use three or four of them a week in our grade 9/10 classes, and find the pre-made quizzes cover curricular material in a fun, yet adequately challenging way. I must admit to having never used the other resources that are associated with each video, but as they are designed by teachers, I think they could be useful, perhaps at lower grades. Before BrainPOP, I found that othere “educational” videos, such as those made by Bill Nye, were too long to include in 50 minute classes, whereas 3 to 5 minute BrainPOPs are perfect!

      Oops, is this more than 2 bits worth? Sorry, I must admit to a passion for BrainPOP!

    • murray12 12:03 am on October 1, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Tamara,

      I was very excited to see that you chose BrainPOP as your venture. Over the last couple years I have used BrainPOP regularly in my classroom. Either as a primer for a new topic, or just at random to learn something new as a brain warm up. Since the site addresses such a range of topics, I was surprised to learn that its origins come from a medical background. I guess the site really expanded over time.

      Interesting research, Tamara!

    • khenry 6:04 am on October 1, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Tamara,

      One of the things resonating throughout this activity for me has been whether or not I can place or see myself as an entrepreneur with a successful venture. In my research, and in some of the others I have read, what stood out is the wealth of and years of experience in CEO/heads of department positions, and in education, research and development that the CEOs/founders bring to the table.

      What is heartening in this post is the natural development of a solution to an identified need that is then further developed into a venture. This is more in line with how I see myself and future venture efforts. However, I am cautioned by what seems to be the necessity of strong relationships, boards of advisors and networks to supplement lack of experience, in order for ventures to be successful and garner support, whether consumer and/or investors. The CEOs’ experience et al. really were important in my analysis of if I would buy/invest in the product therefore where does that leave me? What about you? Where do you see or position yourself/your success/needs as an entrepreneur in this milieu?

      BTW check your category. It seems you categorized this entry under Week 2: Edutech Marketplace rather than Week 4: Entrepreneur Bootcamp


    • Keisha Edwards-Hamilton 2:15 pm on October 2, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Tamara,

      BrainPOP is an excellent learning technology. I am impressed with where it is now in the market …. It is now used widely in U.S. schools and also offers subscriptions for families and homeschoolers, considering it was designed to explain medical concepts young patients using animation. I wonder if Dr. Avraham Kadar expected that this innovation would be so successful?


  • mcquaid 6:19 pm on September 29, 2011
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    Since 2008, MathTV.com has provided video of their math instructors demonstrating the processes of solving many varieties of math problems. They offer free videos as well as video content for university-level material which you can pay for or get a six-month subscription for with the purchase of one of their textbooks. In addition to their […]

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    • Kristopher 7:01 pm on September 29, 2011 | Log in to Reply


      I had a similar feeling about the fact that there was little information readily available about the companies on some of these sites. I was interested in looking for Picassahead, but the company info was challenging to get to. When we talk about critical thinking and assessing the information that we take from the web, it was a bit of a wake-up call. Also a sense of ‘why aren’t they proud of their product’.



    • mcquaid 10:17 am on October 1, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      You’re right, Kris… I would think it (coming from an artsy science guy, mind you) to be just good business to have at least some basic resume-type info about yourself “out there” that would allow people to understand you better as well as link you to your positive achievements.

    • hall 6:57 pm on October 3, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Mcquaid,

      MathTV seems like a good venture, it has prompted me to start a company of similar nature. I have always toyed with the idea of Math solutions for Caribbean Secondary Education Council Examination (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) students.

  • andrea 6:50 pm on September 27, 2011
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    Fingerprint Play creates mobile learning applications for touch-screen devices for four- to seven-year-olds. They describe themselves as “the first mobile learning and play network for kids and their grown-ups” (Fingerprint). The “My Big Kid Life” applications allow kids to explore the skills associated with popular grown-up professions [fire fighter, veterinarian, and fairy princess (?)], while learning […]

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    • jenaca 5:52 am on September 28, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hey Andrea,
      This looks like a very interesting device and I am definitely interested in learning more about it. I wonder what the market is currently like for this technology and if there is anything else similar to it?
      I agree with your reflections, this venture does seem very commercialized as it does have a team surrounded by the media world, however, all the power to them!!
      Great find,

    • jarvise 10:06 am on September 28, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Andrea,

      My kids love using their Tag Reading Pens (from Leapfrog), and love using the ipad when they can get their hands on it. I think there is a very large market for interface design that is geared at kids. Check out Starfall.com for an example of a product that is well-designed for kids. They have sparkles around the spots that are supposed to be clicked next, extra large arrows to move to the next page, and a large ‘x’ up in the top corner to close the window. After watching my 3 year old learn how to use the computer on this site, I was super impressed.

      I wonder what the marketing will look like for this product – I’m sure it will likely be slick with some of the people resources they have on their team. Often, good educational sites (often designed by teachers) are slow to catch on due to lack of marketing. I’m thinking that if this is an effective product, AND has an effective marketing team, it will be a real money-maker.


      • andrea 9:04 pm on September 29, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Hi Emily, thanks for the info on Starfall.com. Nice clear, colourful, and intuitive design. I can imagine how appealing that would be for little people.
        Fingerprint Play is launching in October, so it will be interesting to see the marketing. As you say, I’m sure it will be well done considering the team. It doesn’t matter how great your product is if you can’t sell it (as we’re seeing in this course).

    • bcourey 3:57 pm on September 28, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      She has certainly lined up an impressive team that makes the venture look very appealing…and reaching out to the kids’ market is very wise!

      • Doug Smith 3:41 am on October 1, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Yes, from a management structure point of view it looks like MacIntyre has put together a very strong team. It would be very interesting to see what kinds of numbers or data this group had at their disposal when designing their products. Surely they have identified a big hole in an emerging market!

  • Juliana 12:34 pm on September 26, 2011
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    Founder-leader name:  Shevy Levy Venture Name:  Lambda Solutions     Description of venture:  Lambda solutions provide online course development services.  They also assist clients with developing materials for the Moodle LMS and Mahara e-portfolio platforms.  They are endorsed as an official partner for Moodle and Mahara.  Their main focus is to create effective e-Learning solutions […]

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    • Karen Jones 12:49 pm on September 26, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Interesting person and company, Juliana. As you have indicated, it seems that experience garnered by working in related fields is valuable for an entrepreneur’s perspective, and probably would increase the chances of a new venture’s success. It would also multiply the number of networking contacts.

      Good job!

      • Juliana 8:16 am on September 27, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Thanks for the comment Karen. Yes, I think experience and contacts is key. In addition, having good people working in the company is important too. I think she has also made some good partnerships with Mahara and Moodle. Being the official partner with these organizations can help to create a market niche and encourage others to be referred to your services.


    • andrea 9:13 pm on September 26, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      You’re right that running a company requires so many different skill sets, and its important to bring together people who specialize in specific areas (marketing, HR), not just in the ‘product’ category. Thanks for this intro to Lambda – I’ve heard a lot about them in Vancouver but never looked at the makeup of leadership.

      • Juliana 8:18 am on September 27, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Thanks for the comment Andrea. As I am based in Vancouver, I wanted to look at a local company. In addiiton, I was intrigued by their partnerships with open-source platforms Moodle and Mahara. And it is true, a good team makes a good company.


    • Angela Novoa 4:28 pm on September 27, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Juliana. Great work! I think it is really important to have experience related to the field of the product and have experience in research. Also, having a team with many different skill sets is relevant too.

      • Juliana 4:12 pm on October 2, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Thanks Angela. I think that’s what made me feel better about examining these ventures. No one was an expert in everything, but they did connect with people who were an expert in their chosen fields.


    • hall 1:31 am on September 29, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I think a person who is starting a business must be knowledgeable of his or her product or service. It is necessary for the person to have research and practical experience because it will probably help him or her understand all pros and cons the product or service. Great points.

      • Juliana 4:17 pm on October 2, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Thanks for your comment Everton. I think we often overlook the importance of research when we think of business, but it is an important aspect of success. How many times have there been poorly researched initiatives implemented in our school systems only to find out that they all flat? When this happens in businesses, people loose jobs and money.


    • Doug Smith 2:50 am on October 1, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      I like how Levy seems to have created a strategic partnership with Moodle and Mahara. This not only gives people a reason to use Lambda Solutions, but is also a great way to market her company with a type of free advertising. Good report Juliana.

      • Juliana 4:21 pm on October 2, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Thanks Doug. I think it was very good of her to form partnerships with those two companies. It creates a good business base since the two other companies can refer clients to her.


    • mcquaid 5:00 am on October 1, 2011 | Log in to Reply

      “As I am just starting out in this field it feels like I have a long way to go. I feel that I really need to have good practical experience to make it as an entrepreneur in this field.”

      I found it interesting, while reading through just my own entry possibilities, how this is sometimes true and sometimes not. I think, like you, that getting into something as technical and broad as this topic would require some background experience. I was intrigued (and relieved / inspired), though, how some leaders / CEO’s started off with some goal or product that was very far from what they ended up doing.

      • Juliana 4:23 pm on October 2, 2011 | Log in to Reply

        Thanks for your comment. I think that is part of my problems with becoming an entrepenuer. I think I need to be an expert befor I purse it as a business. Perhaps I should re-think this. May be it is just a matter of seeing an opportunity and going after it.


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