Hello from Calgary


My name is Nureen. I live in Calgary, Alberta. This is my 10th and final course in the MET program. I am currently working as a special needs teacher in a Paced Learning Program. This is my 6th year working in Special Ed. I tend to use different technological tools to help with individualization of instruction and differentiation for my diverse group of learners. Many of my students are on the Autistic spectrum, are developmentally delayed and/or have issues with attention. I find technology to be a very effective tool for engagement and accommodation of my students.

I have gained many skills and learned about many digital tool from my previous MET course but I decided to take ETEC522 as my last course because I think that it will give me a different vantage point for looking at the relationship between education and technology.

I have incorporated many technological tools into my teaching and I realize that these tools are only available due to the individuals who took risks and were entrepreneur in this field.  I have seen how technology can transform learning and believe this course will help me understand the background of these tools better on multiple levels. 

I look forward to working with all of you in this course.

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