Hello from China!

Hey everyone!

Very interesting reading about all of you…quite a diverse group.   My story is that I am from Richmond (noticed that a couple people teach there) and went to UBC where I studied Geography and International Relations.  After about 4 years of work and travel I decided to get into education and have thoroughly enjoyed myself thus far.  The job market sucked in BC when I graduated, so I packed my bags to move to Wuhan, China.  Most people look confused when I tell them where I work and live, and even though most of you haven’t heard of it (I hadn’t either) it has over 10 million people.  I have taught Geography, History, Social Studies and PE while here and this year I have shifted gears and now work as an academic advisor.  Before I got into education I worked as a stock broker in Vancouver.  It is a sad story, but I’ll give you the coles notes version.  I got licensed to trade in September 2008, about a week before the global market collapsed.  My dad blamed me, even though I assured him I wasn’t that important.  It was real tough working on commission and trying to build a client list when the last thing people wanted to do was discuss their sinking stocks.  I hated it.  Remembering the last time that I really enjoyed myself working, I thought about when I taught in Mexico my first year out of UBC.   I applied to the BEd program and the rest is history.   This course looks really cool and am looking forward to the readings and the input of all of you.

Mike Rae

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