Welcome to Week #2!

Hi everyone – hope you had a fine weekend.

Thanks for diving in to the course and introducing yourselves.  We’ve clearly gathered an exceptional group of learning adventurers for this journey together – I’m looking forward to our shared experience.

Our second week is about getting primed for working in the world of global education markets.   I’ve provided a number of examples of ambient market intelligence to evidence what ‘experts’ are saying about the most important emerging technologies for learning.  You’re welcome to search out and suggest other sources we all should be aware of.  Please post anything you find, and all of your thoughts about this week’s work in the main blog using the “Week 02” category and any appropriate tags.

I’m aiming to complete my analysis of the Week #1 Emerging Markets Poll later this afternoon, so you should have your A2 team assignments by the end the day.

Some additional thoughts and tips:

– please make this course your own.  For example, you can steer the focus of your A1 and A3 assignments toward things you care about most.  In A1 it can be a product, company, project or marketplace you’re particularly interested in.  In A3 you can pursue a venture idea that you’ve always dreamed about, possibly even toward reinventing your career.  And even beyond the ‘crowd-sourcing’ of the topics for your A2 assignment, you and your emerging market team will have lots of room to target and shape your group analysis into something that’s original and meaningful for your team.  Finally, with A4 (your participation assignment) I’d love to see each of you develop an original voice that resonates with your experience, passions and career objectives.

– we’re a big crowd in ETEC522 and keeping up with all of the WordPress posts, comments, etc, may be daunting.   Please do your bit to optimize the experience for everyone by keeping your contributions short, to the point, and valuable.  We’ve provided a few tools and ideas for managing our collective thoughtstream successfully, and if you’ve got other suggestions to make 522 work better, please post them in the Blog Cafe.

– we’re always experimenting with new features of ETEC522, which means we’ll make mistakes and sometimes things won’t make any sense.  Please help us by shouting out when anything is amiss – we aim to be responsive.

– and remember to email me internally or externally if you have any questions or concerns.

We’re well underway!


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