Please mind your online manners…

One aspect of using WordPress I appreciate is that it can feel like the dynamic flow of a great cocktail party – lots of intelligent people in active conversation.   And like at a cocktail party, conversation is injured when somebody says something inappropriate or out of sync.

This is my way of saying I’m looking for everyone to be on their best behaviour – making creative, valuable and respectful contributions.

In particular, now that everyone has arrived, my tolerance for anyone not keeping up with our weekly schedule will diminish rapidly.   If you can’t make a contribution according to the topic and activities of a specific week between Monday morning and Sunday midnight of that week, please don’t make one at all.   I know schedules will sometimes overwhelm you, but I’d rather you miss a week entirely than contribute something in the following week, or even later.  This will be especially relevant as our EMTs start taking the stage – it will be downright discourteous to disrupt the experience they’re cultivating.   I have a widget for tracking anomalous contributions, so its prudent just to keep with the flow as best you can.   EMT’s can post their launchpad anytime after 6 pm on the Sunday evening before their week, or on the Monday morning, to facilitate a smooth crossover.

I also mentioned elsewhere that ‘filler’ comments like “I agree” all by itself – ostensibly to boost your participation numbers – will only backfire on you.  I don’t grade participation with those kinds of numbers, and I’ll certainly notice (and be as aggravated as everyone else) by unnecessary statements and dross.

Those are some of my pet peeves.  I’d enjoy hearing any other suggestions people might have for guidelines and conduct that will improve the experience for everyone.


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