I had a read through Ambient Insight’s 2…

I had a read through Ambient Insight’s 2012 Learning Technology Research Taxonomy and was enthralled by all the interesting and informative data that was provided – it actually got me quite excited to think of the numerous ventures that could very well be successful in the marketplace. Also, some of the data could be quite useful for our assignments coming up. As the document was 50 pages, I will just provide a few takeaway points:

  •   Do your research and know what your competition is

a.       They have more specialized reports available but some are very costly – one is over $8000!

  •     Gain an understanding of the local culture and always adapt your products to it

a.        One shoe fits all approach hasn’t proven successful globally

  •    One successful project can lead to others wanting to adopt a similar approach

Some of the booming markets that stood out for me were:

  1.        Language tools used by consumers on mobile devices
  2.           Tablets designed and preloaded with learning materials being used in schools
  3.        The use of mobile phones for learning in developing countries such as Africa
  4.        The booming online K-12 school programs (especially in the US)
  5.        K-12 online courses not associated with school systems being purchased by parents to supplement their children’s school education

In response to the two questions posed:
How, and how much, is it useful and valuable to the the broader community of educators, as well as learning technologies specialists and venturers?
– I think this report provided valuable data for venturers but may not be too valuable for educators who are probably more likely interested in what is currently available. Learning technologists might use this report to have a sense of how to better their own skills to move forward in the careers.

Do you expect to seek out future versions of this report to help drive your own professional success, and also to recommend it to others in this regard?
– Unless I plan on becoming a true venturer, I don’t see this report really helping me with my professional success except with being more knowledgeable of the emerging markets – for example if asked if I would purchase an iPad for learners over a laptop, the report may provide valuable data as to where the market is headed.

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