Ambient Insight – Global Learning Technology Market Taxonomy

I reviewed Ambient Insight’s 2012 Learning Technology Research Taxonomy: Research Methodology, Product Definitions, and Licensing Model. First impression was of a typical marketing pitched document of this company’s services. There is that – many superlatives that describe its uniqueness or why one should purchase their service. However, this 50 page document also presents a research taxonomy that situates learning technology within the context of a global landscape and business lens. A lot of information – issues and considerations – is categorized into four broad easy to remember tiers.

       Seven International Regions, into

       Eight Buyer Segments, buy

       Eight Types of Learning Products, from

       Six Types of Buyers


These issues or considerations are examined from a mainly quantitative an evidence-based research methodology (ERM):  

       Isolate the target market

       Triangulate the baseline (the floor) and the topline (the ceiling) revenue boundaries

       Forecast the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for specific products

       Generate market share maps by supplier

       Quantify actionable competitive intelligence


Ambient Insight presents a taxonomy that can be used to examine or develop a business case for a learning technology products and services. The taxonomy posits approaches and concepts that are not new. Many are reflected in Porter Five Forces Model for example. However, the presentation of information exclusive to the learning technology market would be very useful to many constituents within this market; suppliers, buyers, developers, funders, and planners. In addition to an explanation of its model and methodology, the document is liberally populated with quantitative data and trends — current and 2016 — in various global markets. This should prove invaluable to constituents. As well, I think it improves the credibility value of the document.


I would recommend this document to suppliers, buyers, developers, funders, and planners within the learning technology market. The taxonomy provides a valid business model to examine learning technology products and services, backed by current statistics and forecast.  



Ambient Insight Research (2012, September 14).

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