Sal Khan, the…

Sal Khan, the founder and current Executive Director of The Khan Academy, holds two different bachelor degrees and two different masters degrees (which include an MBA from Harvard), which not only demonstrate his passion for learning, but also shows he is capable of innovation as well as leading a successful educational technology venture.  As Sal’s vision of free quality education grew, so did The Khan Academy team, which now boasts 36 members, with skill sets ranging from software engineer to curriculum designer to language translation, all of whom are focussed on providing the best possible educational learning product free of charge.  Furthermore, a quick overview of each member of the Khan Academy team, shows that Sal Khan has consistently surrounded himself with quality and inspired individuals who are clearly as passionate about the The Khan Academy, as Sal is himself.

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit venture with the goal of providing free first class education for anyone, anywhere, at anytime, regardless of age, profession and eventually language.  To facilitate this goal, the Khan Academy has designed, recorded, and deployed over 3400 videos, on topics ranging from biology to finance for K-12 students.  Furthermore, this organization extends the learning experience for students by providing interactive challenges, self paced randomly generated adaptive assessment challenges, personal statistics, a knowledge map to guide the overall learning experience, as well as a badge system to further motivate student completion and achievement.  The Khan Academy also allows parents, teachers, and coaches the ability to track the strengths or weaknesses of either individual pupils or entire classes, allowing modifications in lessons and assessments to occur as needed.  Overall, The Khan Academy represents a significant step in enhancing education around the world, as either an addition to instructional strategies, or as a resource to allow a true flipped learning environment to emerge.

After reviewing the history and vision the Khan Academy represents, I myself feel (at this time) inferior to the potential task of my own entrepreneurial potential.  Might this be inexperience or simply lack of the necessary skills to be successful in this area?  Either way, the education I receive, and the skills I develop throughout this course, will help me at least answer my personal concerns.

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