Andrew Cohen- Brainscape

Andrew Cohen in the founder and CEO of Brainscape, an online tool compatible with mobile devices that allows students to create flashcards to increase information retention and to help studying.  Brainscape allows users to create their own content or choose from a wide variety of pre-made content.  Users go through their flashcards, and after answering, they rate how confident they were on their answer.  Depending on how confident the user was, the flashcard will show up more or less frequently (if the user was confident, the card would not show up as much as if the user was not confident).  Therefore, Brainscape determines how much repetition a user will need to learn each flashcard.


Andrew Cohen drafted the first version of Brainscape while trying to teach himself French during his stay in Martinique.  Cohen’s goal was to study verb conjugations, but wanted a way to focus on the verbs that he was unsure of the most.  His original version was an Excel-based program that ran off of a simple algorithm, but that was time-consuming because he needed to sort the verbs.  Cohen eventually enrolled in an Educational Technology program at Columbia University to work on this venture.  He focused his class projects and assignments on the development of Brainscape.  Cohen also used this program as a tool for networking and gaining the skills needed to assemble a qualified team after graduation.  The 9 person management team and the 3 key advisors are made up of individuals that have educational backgrounds and/or considerable experience in the field of educational technologies.  Their individual roles focus on their strengths related to mobile devices, marketing, etc.  Together, these individuals form a very strong, well-balanced group of leaders with the ability to cover many different aspects of ensuring that this venture succeeds.




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