Gaggle – Jeff Patterson, Founder and CEO…

Gaggle – Jeff Patterson, Founder and CEO

·         Gaggle started out as a filtered, controlled email client for students and teachers alike but has grown into a full social media suite which provides students safe places to communicate and collaborate, all whilst affording them personal spaces in which to foster and express individual creativity. The name is derived from the definition of a large group of geese, with Jeff Patterson’s rationalization, “Our goal was to give teachers an easy way to watch over their gaggle of students.” With internet safety being of utmost concern for parents and teachers alike, this platform affords student’s thirst for social media outlets in a more controlled environment than other, more well-known spaces on the internet, without scrimping on features like chat rooms, blogs, profile pages, “GaggleTube” and social walls that allow students’ individual expression, whilst allowing teachers to capitalize on features like assignment drop boxes, discussion boards and filtered texting, simultaneously. Gaggle prides itself in innovation, allowing teachers and schools a way to adapt to students who are constantly connected digitally by reaching out and engaging them on familiar ground.

     Jeff Patterson has a proven track record of creating educational software programs, heading up ventures in lesson planning, sound editing, and digital magazine publishing with no less than six individual programs to his name. He is also the co-founder of Pixel Genius Entertainment, Inc., which specializes in photo editing software. He created Gaggle because he knew how integral e-mail had become to his ventures in business, and he, in turn, wanted to introduce it in a safe and motivational way within schools to raise student excitement and communication.

     The team at Gaggle is comprised of several business management specialists, all of whom have extensive experience at well-known companies. The Chief Operating Office, Brett Woudenberg, was former Chairman and CEO at Trailblazer, a learning management solution for K-12 schools. Between each member introduced, a significant amount of experience both in business and educational technology ventures has been amassed, making for a sound business team.

Between delving into these case studies of both pitches and founders/teams of ventures in educational technology and watching a fair share of Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, I have begun to see the importance of having strong backers with a proven track record in a new venture’s corner. It is perfectly fine to have the ideas, for where would we be without them, but it is almost equally important to have strong people who will inspire investors and adopters behind you. I have the ideas and the excitement, but I am still working on the eloquence and delivery, which will surely be needed to amass an excellent team.

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