App Adventure

I found this experience extremely frustrating.  I started out trying to create an app with, but after spending half an hour and getting nowhere, I quit and decided to try an alternative.  I found that this website was not very user-friendly or intuitive.  I could make minor changes, but any larger change that I wanted to make required me to search out how to do it.

Once I switched to AppShed, I found the app creating process to go much, much smoother.  I really liked how it provided you with an editable screen shot of what the app would look like on the actual phone.  It was easy to edit the various sections since each section has its own individual edit button.  It was easy to switch the functions and tools within each section as well in order to modify the section to what I wanted.

Here is my sample app (I just put a few things on it, I would like to build upon each section):


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