UBC Mobile App Design Contest

Just in case it provides an inspiration or vehicle for your emergent A3 ideas (yes, I know, you haven’t completed A1 yet!!) I’m pleased to append details of a UBC-wide contest I launched today to propose new mobile apps for dramatically enhancing the UBC experience.  The contest closes January 15, 2013 – after ETEC522 completes – but your advantage of being in ETEC522 is that our Venture Forum gives you a great audience for testing and refining your ideas…

Questions welcome.



UBC Digital*U Mobile Apps Contest

What?    Propose a new mobile app or service that could dramatically enhance the UBC experience. It can be for fun, function, or achieving UBC’s global mission. What kind of mobile app would make UBC a much better place for you?

Why?       How about a $5,000 1st prize, $3,000 2nd prize, cool devices, PLUS campus fame & fortune to be won for your inspired ideas?

How?     Create your team now! Submissions will include a presentation, demonstration (prototype or storyboard), video, and proposal. Judging will be based equally on originally, feasibility, potential impact, and benefit to UBC.

Opens:       October 15, 2012
Closes:       January 15, 2013

For more information:

Mobile:      http://m.ubc.ca/competition/
Website:   http://www.magic.ubc.ca/digitalu/
Email:       digitalu@magic.ubc.ca
Poster:      Digital*U Contest Poster


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