Playing with AR

I am really enjoying the presentations by the teams.

I never gave much thought to AR , never even considered the possibility of having an AR app on my phone. Thanks to team AR, I am now playing with it.

I attempted two of the activities – Zooburst and Layar. The links to my ‘creations’ can be found here:

Sophia Zooburst

Layar Activity

The free version of Zooburst is very limiting.  The premium version — as is usually the case with free but update to premium options — seemed  to offer interesting possibilities. Purchasing the premium unlocks drawing and media tools along with the upload pictures function.  Educators — for a cost — could create a collaborative environment where learners could use these tools to customize stories or create images.  This activity was easy to do but because of the constraints I think my book was not as engaging as it could have been.

Layar  was free with links to many social media apps as Standard Buttons.  I also found this activity easy to do. Having the links to so many social media sites in one environment is a great way to leverage the campaign possibilities. I can see this being useful to business/English classroom. It also provides a way to theme plan with links to your theme in one ‘setting’.



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