Thank You From Week 9 – BYOD

The BYOD team would like to thank all of you for participating in the discussions and activities we created for this topic that is not only occurring in the world of education, but is also a significant reality in many other professional areas.

The conversations were enlightening as well as engaging, and many of you came up with ideas or shared comments, that we believe could help your fellow cohorts get a better and deeper understanding of BYOD and how it could pertain to your school or district. BYOD is in it’s infancy in the K-12 system and there are many things to consider if a school or district chooses to adopt this system.

We hope that with our range of topics from the benefits and drawbacks, policy and frameworks, to how it could be used in the classroom, we have given you the tools to take back to your schools and districts conversation starters and insight on BYOD.

From the BYOD Team,

Lisa, Scott, Shaun, Suhayl and Tom

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